About Me

Howdy people,

I’m Naman Khare from India. I started my journey in 2009. Let’s walk through the milestones:

[2009]: I first created my blog. That blog was running on a Blogger.com platform (by Google).

[2010]: I decided to purchase a custom domain name for my blog. I chose GoDaddy as my Domain provider and purchased a domain from there.

[In 2011]: I planned to move over to WordPress as I was getting  a positive review on my first blog. Later, I decided to choose self-hosted WordPress CMS (Content Management System). To host a website I needed a web hosting, but web hosting come for a price and I didn’t have any money to invest also I didn’t have guts to ask my parents to pay for the hosting, so I decided to search for free web hostings. Luckily, I found one, but free web hosting was not that reliable as there was too much of downtime and loading speed was low.

After 3-4 months I decided to use Hostgator as my first purchased web hosting provider and it provided support and speed without a downtime. But things went wrong somehow and my account’s port got blocks every other day. I asked them for a refund and received it in my bank within 5 days.

I reswitched to free web-hosting.

[2012]: Then I tried another paid hosting, though cheaper than Hostgator yet it worked fine for me. And after 21 days of hosting purchase, I got my first income from the advertisements on my website. And got payout in my bank the following month that amounted about $11 or ₹710 at that time.

[2013]: I made my first software using VB. It was a simple application which just reveals and copies the text.

Then I made a web browser, and further improved it by adding history feature and bookmark tab.

[2014]: I decided to make a pretty basic database management software using VB language.

[2015-2016]: I thought of sharing my knowledge with others, I created a website which teaches others how to create there own website/blog in WordPress.

[2017]: I redesigned and re-created the software (database management) in C# (C sharp) language with major improvements.

[2018]: I shifted my blog to GetSetBlog.com

Social links (Let’s get connected):

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/namankhare

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/naman_khare

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/naman_khare