Day 1: rtCamp’s Onboarding and Handbook.

Hey folks! I just wanted to let you know that I have joined rtCamp as a Software Engineer (trainee), so I will be sharing my experience and new learnings here daily.

Kick-start the day with an onboarding call

To start the day, we had an onboarding call with Aanchal Singh and Dimpal Khandelwal (HR), where we’ve discussed on various topics, resolved queries and start setting up all the necessary accounts which we will be needing though out the training.

After all the necessary setup and introduction, we got some basic tasks to complete, and a detailed handbook which guided us throughout the process.

Interaction with rtBuddy

After the lunch break, I had a 1-on-1 zoom call with an experienced engineer to help with the ongoing tasks and any breakers in the between. Shreyas Ikhar being the buddy solved all the problems and issues which I could face as a beginner. Because as he says, “I was once a beginner too.”

Understanding the core part

A call with Devarshi Sathiya. I had a fun session full of information from the dev-ops department on the “To-Dos” and “Not-To-Dos”, best practices to follows and a quick insight of EasyEngine (rtCamp’s home grown application).

Welcome session with Good People

After a quick 30min break. We had a session with Daryl Rozario (Sales and Business), Bareen Imtiaz and Nikita Desai (L&D Coordinator) came together on a call to tell us more about the rtCamp. How it functions, its moto and its purpose. Also, some interesting facts and guidelines about the company. And the importance of rtCamp’s Handbook.

Sync-up, a summary of the day

After a quick rtBuddy session with Shreyas, we were called up on the meeting once again. We discussed our progress and doubts with Bareen and Nikita. At the end of the meeting, we discussed the agenda for the next day and wrapped up the session.

The first day came with lots of challenges, fun and learning. At the end, all I can say is “Good Work. Good People.”

That’s it. See you tomorrow.

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